Gnylmarung Retreat (Boating, Camping, Fishing)

Would you like to spend a few days in a tranquil bush setting, listening to the native birds?  Perhaps you would like to do a bit of fishing, or diving – from the beach or the reef where you might land a big Trevally, Spanish Flag, Perch, Mangrove Jack or Bluebone.

Those who venture into deeper waters might catch a Spanish Mackeral, Cobia, Sailfish, Coral Trout North West Snapper or more.

Gnylmarung’s secluded beach has pristine white sand and crystal clear water. You can sit under the shade of a big tree, while your children play and swim in the bay’s shallow safe waters,  while the local pelicans float by.

Gnylmarung, on Beagle Bay, is on a part of the whale annual migration path, so you might be lucky enough to see them playing in the water as they teach their babies to swim.

Gnylmarung’s magic has a way of drawing you back again and again.


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