Custom Boat Loaders

Custom Boat Loaders, an aluminium roof rack and boat loader, designed & built in WA – it is the easiest, strongest & best loader on the market!

A rear loading roof rack & boat loader, made to suit most 4WDs & carry boats up to 3.9m & 100kgs.

Available in two versions – drill operated or electric, fully wireless remote controlled. The fully sealed worm drive gearbox & 12v electric motors are industrial strength, totally maintenance free & very robust & reliable. There is also available a heavy duty version loader for the big rigs and boats.

All ropes are rated at 900kg & 700kg; the rollers, bearings etc. are specifically manufactured  & all other fittings are stainless steel.

Operating the loader is simple – reverse the vehicle to the boat, place fulcrum plate into the towbar, attach the 4 ropes to the 4 eyelets in the boat. Press the trigger on the drill or the remote controller button. The boat is lifted to the vertical position, pivots on the foot & is lowered onto the rack by the ropes, then locked down for transport. The whole process takes about 2 minutes. Unloading is simply the reverse procedure!

For further info:- or phone (08) 9399 2499 or Cameron 0438 951 850.

We also carry out aluminium fabrication and boat modifications!


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