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Mitten Vinyl are professional house cladding suppliers and installers of most styles of wall cladding, including exterior cladding, vinyl cladding, cladding systems, house cladding, gables, eaves, vents, shutters, fascia and accessories for new buildings and renovations throughout Australia and New Zealand. We can also supply DIY cladding for those home builders and renovators who want to do the job themselves.

Cladding is the process of covering, protecting and/or insulating a building or home with another layer of material which is affixed to the original surface. Many homes have exterior cladding that has been attached to original brick, timber, fibro or weatherboards. Exterior cladding can also be installed on new frameworks with an underlay.

House cladding systems allow home owners to add a layer of insulation to their entire homes. An all over insulation system is a positive for any home as it is good for the home owner and good for the environment. For home owners it means keeping the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter whilst reducing the carbon footprint, reducing power consumption and therefore reducing energy bills. The environmental benefits include a reduction in fossil fuel use and a reduction in carbon emissions.

There are many types of wall cladding materials and the main ones on offer at Mitten Vinyl include vinyl weatherboard cladding and acrylic foam back cladding. This variety of cladding options means that you can find an exterior cladding system that best suits you and your home.

Cladding is a great way to give your home a makeover whilst adding the benefits of an all over insulation system.

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