National Luna Australia

National Luna Quality, Commercial Grade, South African made 12/24/240v Portable Fridge Freezers; Vehicle Dual Battery System Products; Battery Accessories and LED Strip Lighting.

National Luna products made in South Africa includes the quality range of commercial grade 12/24/240v portable fridge freezers.  The construction and performance of these fridges sets them apart from other brands, particularly in high temperatures and humidity.   Their current draw is recognised as being low in industry comparisons.  They range from 40 to 125 Litre capacity including the popular 50 and 52 Litre Weekender models and the dual cabinet family sized 90 Litre.    The 80 Litre single bin fridge can be set to deep freeze temperature of -30 deg.  Most models are available in either Aluminium or Stainless Steel finish, and are fitted with ABS Plastic Baskets.  Accessories available such as Transit Jackets, Slides and Base Plates.

The National Luna Battery Products include a Portable Battery Box which operates as a fully protected Dual Battery System or Auxiliary Power Source in a box; the DIY Dual Battery System wire up kit and the visual display Battery Monitors.

 LED Strip Lighting that feature an On/Off/Dim switch compliment the National Luna range. These lights either 200 or 300mm long operate at high efficiency (Lumen/Watt) and low current draw and ideal for caravan, camper trailer and camping applications.

Dolium also stocks a select range of 4wd accessories.

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