CIAWA Membership is available to anyone providing services to the WA Caravan and Camping Industry, the full description is in our Constitution, a summarised version is below.

The Board has approached the Membership with a view of what benefits can be made available to Members and how to streamline the process of being involved, including for example being profiled on our website, advertising in the annual Caravan & Camping WA guide and accessing a discounted member rate for the Perth Caravan & Camping Show. The membership prospectus which outlines the structure and benefits available to Membership of the Association is included in the below link.

Below is more information on our Membership application, a full description of is available in the Associations Constitution, available in full under the information tab.

Any person, firm, company or organisation whose principal business activity is:

1. The manufacture or repair of caravans and camping equipment or caravan and camping accessories;

2. The hiring, insuring and financing of caravans and camping equipment or caravan and camping accessories;

3. The selling of caravans and camping equipment;

4. The ownership and / or operation of a caravan park or camp site; or

The provision of products or services to the caravan industry (where the principal business activity is regarded by the Association to be closely related to the caravan industry)

May apply to be a General Member of the Association.

An Associate Member may be any person, firm, company or organisation, not eligible to be a General Member, that is engaged in or associated with providing  products or services to the caravan industry or uses the products or services of the caravan industry, who has applied to be an Associate Member and who has been accepted by the Board of the Association as a Member;

An Associate Member shall enjoy the same privileges and be subject to the same obligations as a General Member save that he / she shall have no voting rights.  An Associate Member is not eligible for nomination or appointment to the Board or to nominate a person to the Board.

All applications for membership:

Shall be in writing in the prescribed form accompanied by the annual membership fee and shall state:

1. The name and address of the applicant; and

2. If applicable, the name of at least one representative who is a principal of the applicant and who is authorised to commit his or her organisation in matters pertaining to the affairs of the Association.

3. The principal objects and activities of the applicant’s business together with a profile of the applicant.

Shall be subject to acceptance by an Absolute Majority of the Board providing that the applicant qualifies for the membership and pays the annual subscription prescribed for that class of membership (if any) and providing that the Board shall not be bound to assign any reason for refusing to accept any person, firm, company or organisation as a Member and the decision of the Board shall be final.

If the representative of the Member as nominated in accordance with sub-rule 5.F. a) 2. above changes during the term of membership, the Member must notify the Association of the new representative.

2018/19 General & Associate Membership Prospectus

2018/19 General Member Application Form

2018/19 Associate Member Application Form

Completed applications can be returned via email to or fax to (08) 9358 5677.