Realty Compliant WA

Realty Compliant WA provides a service that specifically, by way of testing and inspection, assesses a property for minimum safety compliance standards as per WA legislation and Australian standards. We test and measure the electrical parameters of the RCDs to ensure they are providing the minimum protection that they should. We test the smoke alarms and record their expiry date. In holiday accommodation, we also check the minimum safety and security items such as window treatment cords and chains, door locks etc. The result of each inspection is provided in a simple to read report (with photos) by email or, where required in a hard copy.

Our service provides yearly safety checks on all park properties whether they are holiday accommodation or owner-occupied park homes. We can even arrange for the replacement/repair of non-compliant items. Knowing that all properties on your park comply to the required safety standards will provide great peace of mind for you and your residents alike.